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About Us

Just Animate Studio was founded by Justin Giaquinto, a CAD Designer with over 15 years of experience working in the medical, automotive, and industrial industries. He has worked for companies ranging from Medtronic, Synthes Spine and Edwards LifeSciences to Yamaha and ITT.

While working as a Designer, Justin discovered Engineers needed an easy way to explain difficult new design concepts. He started creating animations in ProEngineer to help Engineers convey their ideas, but since ProEngineer isn't designed to create animations, Justin decided it was time to learn Maya, the 3-D animation software of the pros.

Justin took Maya 3-D Animation and After Effects Classes at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. He then spent the next couple of years learning the software and honing his animation skills.

In 2009, Justin opened Just Animate Studio. Since then, JAS has created animations showcasing products ranging from cardiac implants, orthopedic devices and wheelchair headrests to industrial valves and toothbrushes. A few of our clients include ValveXchange, Inc. and Sunrise Medical.